Mamacita is an extravagant Mexican beauty queen living in her own kingdom in company of her loyal servants: gardener, chauffeur, chef, housekeeper and nurses. The 95-year-old lady has turned her house into a castle, hiding the open wounds of a prominent Mexican upper class family behind its stone walls. When José Pablo went abroad to study film, Mamacita made him promise to return to Mexico one day to make a film about her life. He conquers his granny's empire like a Trojan horse, discovering the haunted spirits of his own past and the lack of love that his entire clan has suffered from for generations.

Genre: Documentary
Duration: 75 min
Director: José Pablo Estrada Torrescano
Country: Mexico, Germany 

DokuBaku International Documentary Film Festival will be held from October 2nd to October 6th this year for the 3rd time. DokuBaku was created by Imam Hasanov and Veronika Janatkova.