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The Landmark building has a unique historical background. Built between 1903 and 1909 by the Russian brothers, it was the largest flour mill in the city until 1988.
The Old Mill was constructed at the height of Baku's oil boom. The meter-thick walls are made of solid limestone which is the traditional building material of Baku because of its ready availability on the Absheron peninsula.

The handsome, classically inspired building exterior is elegantly articulated by arched windows, pilasters and decorative cornices. And its L-shaped plan echoes the traditional design of Baku houses which include an interior courtyard to protect against the winds coming off the Caspian. This architecturally distinctive structure features four foot thick masonry walls, classical exterior detailing, large floorplates with considerable load-bearing capacity, slender cast-iron columns and generous ceiling heights.


In 1997 as part of a multimillion-dollar renovation, the interior of the building has been extensively remodeled and outfitted to meet Western “class A” office standards. The new office building has been named "The Landmark”. The beauty of the project was to be able to save an architecturally significant building right in the heart of the city, while providing the facilities that businesses need, stimulating retail development and maintaining the integrity of the neighborhood. The facade was being refurbished and restored to its original condition and the courtyard landscaped to provide a pleasant garden to which tenants have access.
After the renovation of the historical building, as integral part of Landmark complex, two more buildings were constructed: Landmark II and III.

The complex provides several facilities: office centre, 5 stars hotel, 7 restaurants, conference center, wellness center and indoor pool, banqueting and concert halls, cinema hall, recreation spaces, ample parking, closed-circuit building security within 24 hours a day. It offers advanced techonological features, from an uninterruptible power supply to a state of the art sateliite communication system.