The Landmark consists of 3 connected buildings located in downtown of Baku, housing multitenant offices, conference center, 7 restaurants, 5 stars hotel, wellness center, executive lounge, recreation space, cinema and multifunction halls.

Landmark I was established during 1903-1909 and renovated  in 1997-1998.

The  six-storeyed  multi-tenant office building offers the ideal location for any type of organization: public and private  institutions, small, medium and large enterprises. 

At the ground floor is based a reception desk operating 24 hours. The building is equipped with 3 Otis elevators, pantries and restrooms on each floor, 3 restaurants, phone lines and internet access, 24/7 on site security, proximity card system for entrance/exit to office floors, 90 days archived CCTV, 25 cameras monitoring exit and entry points and public areas inside and outside the building, parking for tenants with surveillance service.