Title:I want to fly” (2014) 22 min
Original title:Mən uçmaq istəyirəm
Country: Azerbaijan
Director: Maria Ibrahimova
Genre: Drama

Synopsis: Kamal as a dream: he wants to fly, but many say paragliding is an impossible dream for a man in a wheelchair. An inspiration in the Paralympic community, he’s helped many beat the odds. Now it’s his turn to try.

Director’s biography: Award-winning filmmaker Maria Ibrahimova made her debut film, the documentary Miss GULAG, with support from the Sundance Institute and the Ford Foundation. In 2015, she spent the year directing and producing a series of 10 short films about the culture and history of Azerbaijan. In 2017 the documentary short I Want to Fly premiered in the US at the Durango International Film Festival. The film went to over 30 festivals around the world and won several awards. In 2018 Maria Ibrahimova was chosen by the German Embassy in Baku and the German Foreign Office to represent Azerbaijan at the Berlin Film Festival as part of their international filmmakers’ program. She has several other projects in development including Godsend a historical TV dramatic series that takes place in pre-revolutionary Baku and a partially animated film for children.

Writer: Maria Ibrahimova
Russian language / Azerbaijan and English subtitles