Title: Son of” (2017) 20 min
Original title: FiglioDi
Director: Filippo Maria Gori, Alberto Vannacci
Genre: Human documentary

Synopsis: FiglioDì displays the everyday life of two non-profit-making associations involved in social integration activities. The narrative is set in the Firenze-Prato-Pistoia Plain in Tuscany, whose high population density, correlated with the fervour of its industrial districts, have always generated a lot of debate about immigration amongst the dwellers and the politcs of this area. It is here that the associations of FiglioDì work with two different immigrant communities: The Chinese one, locally based for generations and whose high school dropout rate is what one of the associations is dealing with, and the one composed by African newcomers, who are offered a Second Reception Service by the other association.
Director’s biography: Alberto collaborated with the theatrical company "Geometria delle Nuvole" (Pisa) for the realization of the "Orpheus and Shadows" spectacle and other collaborations with another amateur theater company "Abilabù" (Quarrata, PT) and also worked on short documentary "FiglioDì" realized together with Filippo Maria Gori.
Filippo Maria Gori, graduate in Disciplines of entertainment and communication at the University of Pisa, photographer and videographer on behalf of the Pistoia editorial staff of Il Tirreno newspaper. He made some short films and documentaries with a small local distribution.

Writer: Filippo Gori and Andrea Vannacci
Language: Italian language/English Subtitles